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In class question 1 Empty In class question 1

Post by sophialuna on Sun May 21, 2017 10:37 pm

My response:
The year is 632 after Ford, in the World State, where babies are manufactured in assembly lines. Said babies are brainwashed by the government to want constant happiness, consumption, and orgies. People in the World State also take soma, a pill basically for happiness.
Unlike most people in the World State, Bernard Marx is an individual and not constantly on a soma high. In contrast, Lenina likes to take soma and have fun group orgies.
The idea of being happy all the time is very appealing to me at a first glance. However the more I think about it, my life would be complete if I didn't know other emotions. Without sadness or anger or frustration, you can't really apprecate happiness. I would also rather have my family than an unlimited supply of soma. For the most part, the New State lacks true connection between others, most people don't know what love is. In my opinion, being human is about connecting with others and loving others, not just in a physical way. Human connection and indivualism in my current world makes me want to stay where I am, rather than venture into the brave new world.


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