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Lenina vs. Linda Empty Lenina vs. Linda

Post by Riordon on Fri May 19, 2017 11:42 am

I thought of this while I was reading chapter 13 and I misread Lenina as Linda, and I wonder if they intentionally have very similar names. It was shown in 13 that Lenina turned out to be everything John hated about Linda, just that he perceived Lenina as almost god-like because she was so beautiful.

(This also reminds me of the "born sexy yesterday" trope that I often see in science fiction where a character- normally a woman- is created shortly before the events of the story and therefore has the mind of a child but the body of an adult and can be morally sexualized. It's a pretty interesting trope and I wonder if both Lenina and John could fit into that as they have very little understanding of the world around them but are still overtly sexualized. Theres a pretty interesting breakdown of this on youtube if you google "born sexy yesterday," just be warned it does have some nudity)


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